Troubleshoot client and gateway registration errors


Common registration errors

Issue #1: Registration key invalid

If you examine the system log, and see an error that the registration key is invalid, you may have mis-entered the registration key into the User data field when you created the gateway instance in Step 4 above.

Resolution: Terminate the gateway EC2 instance and try again, paying particular attention to what you enter into the User data field.

[41.924131] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 19:31:53 Ensuring nf services are not running
[41.929536] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 19:31:53 url:
[41.940879] cloud-init[1129]: ('', '{"key": "55CF73C9B5F71EC152A49A1F7885F04E62881482"}')
[41.948008] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 19:31:54 status code: 500
[41.952557] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 19:31:54 content: {"timestamp":1510860714660,"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","exception":"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException","message":"Registration key 55CF73C9B5F71EC152A49A1F7885F04E62881482 invalid.","path":"/registration/key"}
[41.964972] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 19:31:54 NFN Registration Error received status code 500

Issue #2: NetFoundry registration error connection timed out

Gateway endpoints need outbound connectivity from a VPC by way of either an Internet Gateway (IGW), or a NAT Gateway. Amazon refers to subnets with connectivity through an IGW as "public subnets". Those that are connected via a NAT Gateway are considered "private subnets". Most times, issues with gateways not registering have to do with it's ability to reach Internet hosts.

If you examine the system log, and see an error that registration timed out, the likely cause is that the EC2 instance has no outbound connectivity to the Internet.

Resolution: Terminate the gateway EC2 instance, and re-create it on a subnet with outbound connectivity to the Internet.

[48.856275] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 20:10:00 Ensuring nf services are not running
[48.859887] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 20:10:00 url:
[48.863658] cloud-init[1129]: ('', '{"key": "55CF73C9B5F71EC152A49A1F7885F04E62881482"}')
[48.873223] cloud-init[1129]: November 16 20:10:20 NFN Registration Error Connection Timed Out




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