An organization may have one or more NetFoundry Networks associated with it.

Each NetFoundry Network is an entirely stand-alone, air-gapped environment. Networks cannot share clients, gateways, endpoint groups, services, or AppWANs with other networks.

Viewing Networks in the Console

To change which network you are viewing, use the pull-down menu in the upper lefthand corner of the page to select a network. Use the input box at the top to filter the list.


Manage Your Organization's Networks

In the console, you manage your organization's networks from the Manage Networks page. Click on your avatar icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the console, and select Manage organization -> Manage Networks.

From the Manage Networks page, you can:

  • Create new networks
  • Rename networks
  • Delete networks from your Organization

Click the blue plus-sign in the upper right corner to create a new network. Use the ellipsis menu at the end of each row to take actions on an individual network.

When you create a new Network, it will take a few minutes for NetFoundry to stand up the required infrastructure to support it. While it is being built, the Console will show a spinner icon next to the Network's name. Once it is finished the icon will change to a green circle, and you may begin provisioning your network for use.

Deleting a network is permanent. All clients, gateways, services, groups, and AppWANs will be deleted as well. You cannot undo a deleted network.




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