An AppWAN is a full description of your application's resources and authorized users and sites. 

To manage your AppWANs on the console, choose Manage AppWANs from the navigation menu. From this page you can: 

  • Create a new AppWAN
  • Edit existing AppWANs
  • Delete AppWANs

Click on an AppWAN Row to view details about that AppWAN. Click the blue plus-sign in the upper right corner to create a new AppWAN. Use the ellipsis menu at the end of each row to take actions on an individual AppWAN, like deleting and sharing.


Creating a New AppWAN

From the Manage AppWANs page, click the blue plus-sign icon to create a new AppWAN, then select the tile for the Type of AppWAN you'd like to create for your use case:




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